Roofing System

Comprehensive Architectural Roofing Solutions and Systems

From crafting premium materials like copper and aluminum into any design you can envision, to delivering cost-effective, long-lasting solutions, our roofing systems are customized to meet the specific design requirements of each project. Our diverse range of architectural roofing profiles, including Standing Seam, Angle Seam, Super Seam, Roll Cap, Double Standing Seam and Roll Seam, ensures superior quality and aesthetic appeal tailored to your roofing system needs.

Angle Seam

Angle Seam Technical Diagram
  • An elegant eye catching profile, ideal for large areas
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º
  • Striking segmentation effect with seam width of 12mm
  • Waterproof longitudinally seamed joint
  • Panel lengths up to 16m
Standing Seam, Tray Roofing, Roofing System
Roll Seam, Aluminium Roofing, Roofing System

Super Seam

Super Seam Technical Diagram
  • Variable pan from 200mm to 630mm
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º
  • Seam height – 45mm overall
  • Minimum panel length – 1500mm
  • A wide tray roofing system roll formed in single length trays, hidden fixed to purlin
  • Allows a much greater flexibility in design than other standard long run profiles

Roll Cap/Batten Cap

Roll Cap, Batten Cap Architectural Roofing Technical Diagram
  • Modern version of the oldest Batten Cap roofing system
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º
  • Wooden battens are replaced with 1.0mm Galvanized clips
  • Bold 60mm wide seam lines
  • Panel lengths up to 22m
  • Efficient installation for any roofs
Super Seam, Copper Roofing, Roofing System
Roll Cap Batten Cap, Angle Seam, Roof System

Double Angle Seam

Double Angle Seam, Architectural Roofing Technical Diagram
  • Fine seam for slimline look
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º
  • Applicable only for Copper, Tern Coated Stainless Steel & Vm Zinc
  • Simple and efficient installation
  • Waterproof longitudinally seamed joint
  • Lengths up to 16m

Roll Seam

Standing Seam Roll Seam Architectural Roofing Technical Diagram
  • All of the Roll Cap characteristics plus seamed cap suitable for curved design
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º
  • Variable pan A from 230mm to 730mm
  • Simple and efficient installation
  • Seam height – 38.1mm
  • Minimum panel length – 500mm
Standing Seam, Roofing, Roof System