Roof System

Standing Seam Family

1. Double Standing Seam
  • Fine seam for slimline look
  • Suitable for roof from just 3º
  • Applicable only for Copper, Tern Coated Stainless Steel & Vm Zinc
  • Simple and efficient installation
  • Waterproof longitudinally seamed joint
  • Lengths up to 16 m possible
2. Standing Seam
  • An elegant eye catching profile ideal for large areas
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º 
  • Striking segmentation effect with seam width of 12 mm
  • Waterproof longitudinally seamed joint
  • Panel lengths up to 16 m possible

3. Roll Cap

  • Modern version of the oldest Batten Cap roofing system
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º
  • Wooden battens are replaced with 1.0 mm Galvanized clips
  • Bold 60 mm wide seam lines
  • Panel lengths up to 22 m
  • Efficient installation for all types of roofs
4. Roll Seam
  • All of the Roll Cap characteristics plus seamed cap suitable for curved design
  • Suitable for roofs from 3º